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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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yei have never heard of any my friends do that with their children at home. why are they enticing my children with a choice? we set them, and they work to get to the point where they can achieve the goals. we are doing a program where people get an extra $10 worth of produce. that is the kind of thing we should do.
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we mean multifaceted solutions. i encourage you to help san francisco where we take bold steps. >> i just wanted to give crops -- props for pretty much demanding to make major changes. >> i am on that committee, though i am not speaking on behalf of the committee today. >> i am going to read a few more.
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>> my name is albert staying -- chang. i am the director. we urge you to drop this recommendation. if you add one more, it is very tough. secondly, i read another expert testimony today. i do not blame the legislature because of my problem. you said more regulation does not help. i wish she would concentrate --
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you would concentrate on legislation. they can expand overseas. we know the mcdonald house did provide free room and board for the parents, and they provide a lot of scholarships for the asian students the reagan -- for the asian students. >> thank you yhuri go -- thank you. >> he is just adding to the line. >> as your name is called, when you can speak, please do so very dead -- please do so.
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>> i think mcdonald's has improved the formula calls for many years of rock. a good -- for many years a lot.
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they are changed to french fries and meals a change to soda. many years they care about the trial with many results. have been to china, hong kong, macao, and taiwan, and many restaurants where the children
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have not so many problems about healthy of syria -- about healthy. why only the usa or send francisco the children get on how of it, -- unhealthy. i think education is the problem, not made donald syria and -- not make donald. -- mcdonald's.
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mcdonald's is not the problem. the parents get their food from mcdonald's and not from their -- sorry about that. it is not the problem how. also the problem is education.
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>> thank you spirited -- thank you. >> i wanted him to respond to some of the marks being made. thank you so much for being here.
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i think it is a fact that americans are not eating as many vegetables as they should. but does not mean we should not be taking many more efforts to try to move in that direction. she said few of the males would meet those standards.
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i would assume it is much greater at this point. it is an apples and oranges comparison. >> to explain what you mean by that. >> the survey that the doctor did? >> it is a survey of dietary histories and not what was in the play. a number of comments relayed to the feasibility. this is something the department really wants to hear about. so far the major concern seems to be about the vegetables.
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i think we would like to know what the barrier is. we know we can take vegetables for school children. we know school children are eating vegetables. what is it we need to do to break down that barrier? they mentioned it is all about education. education alone does not work. in the late 1980's, they invested in intervention spirited -- in intervention. we found that everybody gained weight. we have learned we need
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education to make things work syria -- to make things work. we have standards for food safety of. the standards work to protect public health. we have standards in a variety of fields. i think it is a viable strategy appear reagan -- a viable strategy. >> why did you come down? did you feel you were compromising the nutritional value? why did you think you could?
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>> the standard was half a cup. we thought five was a regional with -- we thought that was reasonable. perhaps when more people are eating vegetables, we will be able to get to these standards. >> you were basically doing the same thing the school district >> one thing i have heard from mcdonald's is there are studies that demonstrate that the toy is incentive to make on healthy choices -- unhealthy choices.
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why did you think they are spending the money? >> often when people are challenging a new policy, they say there is no study. we do not know if that would work. we cannot know if it works until we studied it to cure a good -- until we study it. they have the data on fell to the changes appear reagan -- they have the data. we would look at it with them. there is not widely-collected
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data. i think is inappropriate to say it has not been done quacks' that reminds me of when they said there are no studies that show of call is not addictive puree get -- not addictive. >> fluoride has been important. it said it has been viewed as well. >> thank you so much. we are going to continue this. >> i want to thank you for your hard work.
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>> i would like to say that if she would go to the mcdonald's, the toy is enjoying.
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they are very close to the conversation and your your -- close to the conversation. i am happy, sue. -- too. it is good. >> can i say thank you so much for coming?
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often, we will ask where you live. >> i know mcdonald's is not so geared for me. >> one district of san francisco >> -- what district of san francisco? >> thank you very much.
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>> i am just here in case people need translation. who >> what district are you from? >> my name is regina. i am an actress. today i came here because i saw the newspaper. also, i am a mother.
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i like it, because i can have more choice to educate my dollar. -- my daughter. i would agree mcdonald's with the happy meals and the toy is. because i think if this is the owner, especially in the difficult economy. i think it makes it hard to explore the business. i think we limit the ability to return to society.
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also, i do a lot of social work in the chinese community. i knew they could -- they do good things such as support scholarship. again, i propose -- i oppose this proposal. >> i work in downtown san francisco. my daughter is very healthy.
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we need to do something about, the unfairness of the legislation. why do we have to cost single out the restaurant of the house of a lawyer -- the restaurant that has a toy. they tried to do something good for society, and if we penalize them, they will go to another place that will be much worse. >> to you lived in san francisco? >> i am speaking of personal experience. >> thank you the reagan >> i
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want to -- thank you. >> i want to point out the relationship with the toy, because how often do you go to mcdonald's sued by a soaring -- mcdonald to buy a toy? the second thing is, when they offer you the toy -- compared to other things, the proportion of the happy meal may not have such a huge impact and. having an alternative choice is more important compared to other restaurants they do not have another choice.
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any restaurant provides the toys for the kids. that is my point. >> thank you. >> i am from indonesia. fathoming donald's in antony sher, they do not have any -- the mcdonald's in indonesia, they do not have any problems, and no one set a rule to ban the toy is.
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it is so much fun for my niece and my nephew to come, and it brings happiness to my family. a i strongly object to this ordinance. >> how did you find out about the hearing today? >> if you will get your phone and check that they are off, we would appreciate it. >> i am just wondering how you heard about the hearing today. i appreciate it.
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>> her friend told her about it. >> do you know if they have been funded by fast-food companies? >> china news. >> i am opposed to this resolution. the main reason is i am a proud father of kids. my house has regulations. the government needs to stay out of my house by dictating what i can feed my kids my kids are allowed to have fast food once a month. they are my responsibility.
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the part of the world i came from, they dictated what we could eat and what we could wear. i am trying to raise a family to stay out of the dictatorship. thank you very much. >> thank you syria -- thank you. >> i am opposing the ordinance. i am speaking as a mother of three children and grandchildren of six children. i think the ordinance is wrong because it takes away people's responsibilities for themselves and for the children.
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today we have numerous people speaking. there is no doubt we do have an epidemic. thank you for pointing out an occasion for people to solve this issue. this is getting worse. we can work together. the scope of the problem is serious. we eat at fast-food, but most of the time we eat at home, so when you eat at a restaurant, it is easy to point a finger at a restaurant, and if they are the ones causing the problem, they
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provide food people want to eat. we do have a standard to guide us as to how to eat, and i think most of the restaurant industry does try to comply. i think consumers have plenty of choices including mcdonald's to reagan -- including mcdonald's the reagan we need to work together. >> what city did you live in? >> i have a mcdonald's if business in the city appear reagan >> how did you find out about the hearing? >> i read about it in the paper.


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